Join SpringJack as he explores GSS Invincible VII, a crashed spaceship whose crew forgot to turn off the quantum reactor core, putting the entire galaxy in jeopardy.  With the help from B.A.B.S., the ship’s computer, SpringJack’s mission is simple – to shut down the reactor before it goes into meltdown and creates the largest black hole in the universe!


        As SpringJack, you must jump over roaring fire jets, and holes flowing with toxic gunge.  Time your runs through energy leaks and electrified cabling.  Use elevators to move between the levels of the vast spaceship, and don’t forget to poke as many verminous Spoccles as you can!

SpringJack features:

•    High quality HD graphics
•    Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to master
•    Lots of things to collect and unlock
•    Upgrades to help complete the missions
•    Leaderboards for you and your friends

  • Jump over the roaring fire jets
  • Wait for the energy bursts to disappear
  • Watch out for the toxic sludge pits.
  • Big coins on the roof!